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This is a test inspired by the now-(in)famous Political Compass, designed as a fun tool for Liberal Democrat members and supporters to compare their views in ways that the original test doesn't permit. It is not intended to be taken too seriously, but hopefully your results will at least ring true and perhaps provide some amusement.

You will be shown a series of statements and asked whether you agree or disagree with each one, and how strongly. Once you submit your answers, your apparent views will be plotted along four axes representing different divisions within the party membership.

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Thanks go to the 362 members of the Cambridge University Liberal Association, the Young Liberals, local parties in Cambridgeshire, Sheffield, Westminster and Wokingham, and the 'Lib Dem Newbies' Facebook group for filling in the preliminary survey which made this possible, and for providing valuable feedback on the statements used in the test.

I am particularly grateful to members of the Cambridge University Liberal Association who helped to test the Compass and who have given numerous suggestions for ways it could be improved.

About the developer

I’m Laurence, a maths student at St. John’s College, Cambridge and a Lib Dem member since April 2017. According to the Liberal Compass, I’m a mildly disillusioned Orange Book zealot.

You can contact me by email at or find me on Twitter @Tr1stram.

Developed by Laurence van Someren.

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